RÜHL Group Environmental Policy

  1. As a company that deals with the use of hazardous substances, we are aware of our special responsibility to people and the environment.
  2. We always have to evaluate whether completing a customer order may be so harmful that it cannot be justified. If this is the case, we do not complete the order but instead look for more favourable alternatives.
  3. In joint projects with customers, suppliers, officials and others, our employees will find the best way to avoid risks to people and the environment within the scope of technical constraints.
  4. Our product manufacturing and handling processes are designed to avoid wasting resources. We emphasise the controlled use of raw materials, water, electricity and heat. Potential risks to the environment are taken into account in the selection of our suppliers.
  5. We take responsibility for environmental damage caused by us, whether in the recent or distant past. Subject to our economic means, we remediate contaminated sites on our company premises. Increasing the value of real estate is taken into account as an economic efficiency factor.
  6. Today our facilities do not pose an unreasonable risk to people and the environment. As we pursue the continuous further development of our production processes and products, we ensure that emissions versus throughput measured according to the state of the art are not going to increase.
  7. Compliance with existing requirements for our company as well as internal decisions is monitored through regular internal audits and the development of a comprehensive control structure.
  8. Emergency plans have been put in place in order to minimise harm in case of incidents. As a specialist for handling hazardous substances, our goal is to offer the best possible supply to our customers subject to economic constraints