PUre diversity


As saving energy and conserving resources have gained importance, lightweight construction has developed into one of the most important trends for industrial fabrication. Our UP resins make a significant contribution to this field. UP foam resins are used when complex parts with high surface quality and low weight are required in short cycle times. The options of lower quantities and – depending on the component size – short or long reaction times offer additional advantages.

  • Foam resins in formulations with short reaction times are used for small, simple cladding components in vehicle construction, laboratory applications and medical technology
  • Foam resins with long reaction times are used to produce complex, large sandwich components, where moulded foam cores (made from our polyurethane products) are also often used.
    Application examples include caravan construction and electric control cabinets 

Our classic UP polyester resins are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be readily adapted to the requirements of the end products.

  • Standard formulations for vehicle components, boatbuilding, pond construction, playground and recreational equipment, polymer concrete, trade fair booths, decorative elements, household appliances and garden equipment
  • Premium versions (rigidity, dimensional stability under heat, resistance to chemicals and water) for special applications such as tank engineering and sewer construction or as corrosion protection in the construction industry and metalworking