PUre diversity


Our development department focuses on the continuous further development of the systems within the Rühl Puromer product range. Among other things, our formulations are based exclusively on the results of our in-house material development efforts. Here the main focus is also on the development of customer-specific solutions divided into the following product segments: soft to hard, foamed, compact or with an integral structure, with or without filler. Thanks to our independence, we benefit from the ability to choose materials freely on the one hand and have maintained long-term partnerships with numerous raw material suppliers on the other hand. This allows us to formulate the best material systems for the respective application.

In addition to new developments based on current customer requirements, we also count on innovations that lead to our involvement in new or novel areas of application over the medium term. We enter into partnerships with the leading German research institutes as part of these projects.


Dr. Ulrich Fehrenbacher
Phone 06172 / 733 270