PUre diversity

Comfort Products

Our systems in this segment encompass all applications where the customisable level of comfort of PU soft foams takes centre stage. We also optimise and purposefully apply the excellent acoustic properties of polyurethane.

PU formulations for comfort applications include: 

  • puroflex® soft foams for office chairs, automobile seats and rail vehicles (in flame-retardant versions)
  • Viscoelastic puroflex® soft and soft integral foams, for example for premium pillows and operating room rests
  • puroflex® soft foam systems with fillers (such as barium sulphate / heavy spar) as sound insulating elements in automobile construction
  • puroflex® soft integral foams with a cellular core and sealed skin for use as bicycle or motorcycle seats and armrests, also for rail vehicles and aircraft in flame-retardant versions
  • puroflex® soft foam systems in combination with soft, elastic compact spray skin systems as foam backing films, for example in medical trays or moisture-resistant pillows
  • Elastic, compact purocast® casting or spray systems with barium sulphate / heavy spar filler as an acoustic heavy layer with foam backing in the form of an acoustically effective puroflex® soft foam, for example as cowl insulation in automobile construction or in floor mats for commercial vehicles and agricultural machines

Fire characteristics are of particular importance here, depending on the application. Rühl Puromer therefore offers special flame protection packages for comfort applications. These are always being further developed and adapted to meet changing requirements.