PUre diversity


As saving energy and conserving resources have gained importance, lightweight construction has developed into a mega-trend over the last few years. Polyurethane plays a key role now and in the future. As one of the leading companies and innovation drivers in this field, Rühl Puromer played a major role in the market introduction of LFI honeycomb technology.

Our product range in the composites segment includes the following system formulations:

  • PU fibre composite systems from the puropreg® family in the form of honeycomb sandwich components for lightweight and simultaneously bending-resistant rear shelves, sunroof frames and trunk floors in automotive mass production (LFI, CSM, Interwet)
  • puropreg® systems for lightweight commercial vehicle components, passenger transportation and non-automotive applications, for example trade fair booths and portable furniture
  • Patented coating systems for the production of water-resistant paper honeycombs for sandwich components, for example in exterior applications, but also to improve mechanical properties while reducing weight and the use of materials
  • PU fibre composite systems in classic LFI technology for the fabrication of monolithic fibre composite components, for example in surface applications combined with thermoplastic films
  • SRIM systems for film laminated components on the interior of commercial vehicles, buses and other vehicles
  • PU systems in RTM technology (resin transfer moulding) for high-strength glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforced plastic composites

Material combinations with other systems are also possible. This includes surface refining with soft, elastic puroskin® systems (anti-skid effect, haptic) or gel coats and / or PU-based barrier coats / functional layers to create coating-compatible surfaces.

Our product range is complemented by flame protection solutions for fibre composite applications in rail vehicle construction, the building trade and aviation and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the respective application.