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Fire Proof Solutions

As oil-based materials, plastics are naturally flammable. However, formulating flame-retardant plastics is essential for certain applications. This particularly applies to passenger transportation, the building trade and electrical engineering applications. Rühl Puromer therefore offers tailor-made flame protection packages. Fire protection not only applies to the fire extinguishing agents business area, but is also of central importance to the plastics business area at the Rühl Group – and therefore the object of continuous innovation. Solid or liquid flame protection agents, or synergetic combinations of various flame-retardant substances – our product portfolio offers suitable and effective solutions to meet all of your requirements:

  • puroflex® soft foams for rail vehicle seats pursuant to DIN 5510 or for automobiles according to FMVSS302
  • puroflex® integral foams for armrests in aircraft construction pursuant to ABD0031 and FAR 25.853 or fender systems as exterior applications in tramways according to DIN 5510 and M2 as well as systems compliant with fire class crib 5, California 117 and M4 for the furniture and recreation industries
  • purotherm® rigid foams systems for folding tables in aircraft according to ABD0031 and FAR 25.853 or as insulation in the building trade and for the production of stucco elements, roller shutter boxes and wood decor pursuant to fire class B2 (DIN 4102) or Swiss V
  • purodur® rigid integral foams for housings in medical technology applications pursuant to UL94V0, support elements in solar technology and other construction components for interior and exterior applications according to DIN 4102, B2
  • puropreg® fibre composite systems such as honeycomb components in the vehicle industry (cargo floors, rear shelves etc.) pursuant to FMVSS302 or lightweight components in the building trade according to DIN 4102 B2
  • purocast® compact systems for electrogrouting pursuant to UL94V0 and angle grouting in the rail vehicle industry according to DIN 5510 S3 and S4

The preceding examples constitute a selection of our product range in this segment. We work on the further development and improvement of our offering. For example, we currently formulate systems to comply with the new EU standards in the course of harmonising the European fire protection norms.