PUre diversity

Insulation Technology

Our product range in the insulation technology segment includes all material solutions for protection against heat or cold, taking advantage of the excellent insulation properties of polyurethane foams. Water is mainly used as the foaming agent for our PU systems, along with CFC substitutes and pentane. The continuous further development of products using water as the foaming agent has led to systems with insulation properties comparable to those of physically expanded foams. Insulation technology applications include:

  • purotherm® rigid foam systems for coating boilers in foam, insulating centrifuges in medical applications, encasing beer barrels and insulated food transportation containers and as combination insulating and structural elements for sanitary products such as bathtubs and shower trays
  • purodur® rigid integral foams as insulating elements with static functions in low-energy windows with high heat insulation for the building trade as well as insulated pipe guides and pipe brackets

In regards to special insulation technology applications, for example in the building trade, special requirements regarding fire behaviour often have to be taken into account. We fully meet these requirements by offering corresponding flame protection packages.