PUre diversity


In order to fully utilise the range of characteristics exhibited by polyurethane as a material, we offer a corresponding selection of special products for a wide variety of applications:

  • Soft foams in the puroseal® series for the production of FIP (foam in place) seals for low-pressure and high-pressure processing
  • Premium shoe trees made of puroflex® soft foam systems
  • puroflex® integral foams as floor mats and edge protectors in occupational safety applications
  • Compact crystal puroclear® systems for coating exotic wood veneers or other cladding components, and for the production of decorative elements
  • Compact purocast® systems for concrete formwork or for grouting industrial filters
  • purodur® rigid integral foam systems for operating room table lamps in medical technology applications

While the specialities listed above merely constitute a selection, they illustrate the diversity of applications that can be realised with RÜHL PUROMER products – in keeping with our motto, PUre Diversity.