PUre diversity

Surface Applications

The term “surface applications” stands for all our system solutions where a high-quality surface for the end product is particularly important. These include polyurethane applications across the entire product range (soft to rigid):

  • puroflex® Integral foams for the production of medical, viscoelastic operating room table rests, safety cushions in recreational applications and interior vehicle components
  • purodur® Rigid integral foams for the production of cladding parts, for example in the medical field, interior cladding components with film lamination and window frames in caravan construction
  • Soft, elastic, foamed or compact puroskin® systems for door cladding, armrests, headrest covers and cladding components in vehicle interiors and handle elements of all kinds (construction machines, household appliances etc.)
  • Compact purocast® casting systems, among other things for angle grouting on tables in the furniture industry and rail vehicle construction or stair treads and doors in the building trade
  • Crystal clear PU systems (puroclear®) for CCM applications such as exotic wood veneers in the automotive industry, premium furniture coatings and decorative moulded parts
  • purorim® RIM systems for the production of coating-compatible exterior components, for example for commercial vehicles or agriculture equipment
  • Coating-compatible purotherm® rigid foams for stucco elements or wood decors
  • puropreg® systems for PU fibre composite components in combination with thermoplastic films (foam backing film), in-mould coating (IMC) and other surface refinement processes, for example for roof modules and other main exterior components on passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, agricultural machines and construction equipment and special vehicles

RÜHL PUROMER offers a broad range of products for the production of components with high-quality surfaces – and also has many years of experience and outstanding consulting expertise in this segment.