PUre diversity

Compact/RIM/Clear Coat Systems

Compact - purocast®
RIM - purorim®
Clear Coat - puroclear®

When compact end products are the objective of the manufacturing process, PU systems without foaming agents that react under waterless conditions are used. These non-foamed polyurethanes serve a variety of casting and spray applications where excellent surface characteristics are usually important.

Typical properties

  • Moulded part density from 1000 kg/m³
  • Hardness from shore A 10 to shore D 85
  • Self-parting formulations possible

Special formulations and versions

  • FDA and foodstuff approval
  • Anti-static
  • Impact resistant
  • Crystal clear (3D effects, scratch-proof and self-repairing surfaces)
  • UV resistant, lightfast

Flame protection formulations

  • Automotive industry: FMVSS 302
  • Rail vehicle construction: DIN 5510 (S4, SR2, ST2)

Application examples

Advert puroclear®
puroclear® steering wheel S-class 2013
puroclear® clear lens
puroclear® clear bust
Door PU-cast resin edge
Kitchen furniture PU-cast resin edge
RIM selection lever
RIM tractor fender
Filter casting