PUre diversity

Rigid Foam - purotherm®

The key areas of application for this group of PU products are determined by their excellent insulation properties. As highly cross-linked foams (usually with closed cells), they are used in the construction industry, sanitation industry and also in the refrigeration industry.

Typical properties 

  • Moulded part density of 35–120 kg/m³
  • Available foaming agents: pentane, hydrofluorocarbons (such as 365/227mfc) and water


Special formulations and versions

  • Good heat insulation (lambda value from 22 mW/mK)


Spray systems – flame protection formulations 

  • Construction industry: DIN 4102 B2, Swiss V

Application examples

Insulated transport container
Bathtub insulation
Floor-level shower tray
Wood beam imitation
Water taps