PUre diversity


Continuous further development of our systems is in the focus of our development. All our formulations are based on our own development results. Choosing the best ingredients as well as identifying and qualifying new raw materials and additives are the key tasks to develop custom-made solutions and to provide the basis for new innovations.Here the main focus is also on the development of customer-specific solutions divided into the following product segments: soft to hard, foamed, compact or with an integral structure, with or without filler. Thanks to our independence, we can on the one hand profit from a free choice of material and on the other hand benefit from a long-term partnership with various raw material suppliers to formulate the ecologically and economically best material solution.

Apart from realising our customers’ latest ideas we participate in sustainable innovations, which on a medium term open up new application fields. Concerning these projects, we cooperate with the leading German research institutes.


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